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The Struggle is Real: 10 Unconventional Ways to Meet New People

Whether you’re new to town or have lived in one spot your whole life, meeting new people can be a challenge. For those who already have a set group of friends, going out without them can be intimidating, even if you’re dying to meet someone who doesn’t already know everything about you. If you’re new […]

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Going out: Expectations vs Reality

It’s seven o’clock. On the dot. No drop tops are in sight anywhere on your street, but your group chat is blowing up. You’ve all had a long week and just want to go blow off steam – aka sip on a delicious cocktail (or three) and maybe even feel the heat and dance with […]

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Our Data Shows Just How Many People Enjoy Going Out Alone

“Don’t judge me!” It’s a common phrase we hear (and, admittedly, say) all too often. By showing favor to something deemed unfavorable or doing something we feel merits a little ribbing by friends, we’re concerned that our peers will “judge” us. It can be argued that this anxiety is rarely as heightened than when we […]

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