The Struggle is Real: 10 Unconventional Ways to Meet New People

Whether you’re new to town or have lived in one spot your whole life, meeting new people can be a challenge. For those who already have a set group of friends, going out without them can be intimidating, even if you’re dying to meet someone who doesn’t already know everything about you.

If you’re new to town, well, you may not know where to even start. For one, you have no idea where the good spots are, and two, you have no one to head out and explore with. But, that may just be a good thing.

It’s time to face your fears and get out there, and you really don’t need to wait until someone invites you out to get some social interaction.

Here are 10 unconventional ways you can meet new people:

1. Boozy sports league

Boozy sports leagues are great for many reasons. For one, you all have alcoholic beverages to help you break the ice. Two, it’s okay if you suck, because you can blame it on the alcohol. You honestly don’t even have to be into sports to have a blast, because it’s not really about winning– it’s literally all about having fun and meeting new people.

2. FB groups

Millennials are the first generation to truly make meeting friends solely online ~a thing~, and Facebook has helped shape that considerably. Whether you just moved to a new city or have lived there all your life, Facebook groups can be an incredible resource for you to utilize. You can pretty much do everything from selling furniture and finding a local dog park you didn’t even know existed to discovering open-invite events all over town.

3. Adopt (or borrow) a new bff  and head to the dog park

Nothing breaks the ice faster than an adorable, friendly doggo. Aside from the fact adopting a dog will force you out of the house multiple times a day, every day, studies have shown that your furry companion actually makes you happier. Getting that little boost every morning may help you better attract what you seek (unless you’re looking for cat people, and we don’t ever leave our homes unless we have to).

4. Volunteer

Okay, your mom was right about this tidbit of advice, even if you want to roll your eyes every time she brings it up. This is another great way to get out of the house and do something that makes you feel good while also meeting other people in your community. Beach cleanups, live venues, and countless other opportunities are wide open for you to join every single week.

5. Take a class (fitness/educational)

Most communities offer both fitness and educational classes for little or no charge at all.

6.  Agree to be set up

LOL this sounds like your worst nightmare, I’m sure. But hear me out: if your current friends or trusted coworkers claim they have someone they really think you’d hit it off with, just give it a shot. Even if you don’t end up meeting the person of your dreams, you might just make a new friend.

7.  Stop rain checking your friends’ events

Okay, so you hate that bar or you don’t really want to spend money or you’re just tired, yadda yadda yadda. We all have excuses for not going to the things we should be going to (ie: your friend’s birthday party, anniversary party, etc). Grab an espresso shot and just go. The friend hosting may invite someone you’ve never met before, or someone may bring a friend who is also obsessed with the same Netflix series as you. Or maybe you’ll end up meeting someone else at that bar/restaurant who isn’t affiliated with anyone you know and you’d never have met them had you not dragged your tired ass out that night. So stop coming up with excuses and just go.

8. Surkus app

We may be biased here and all, but honestly, so many of our members rave about how they’ve made new friends they have so much in common with just by using our app (and the rewards and free entry to events ain’t so bad either). It’s a great resource for those new to town as well as those just looking to break out of their usual nightlife routine. Best part? It’s totally free.

9. Become a regular somewhere people your age frequent

Going out alone is actually incredibly empowering and one way to make new friends you probably have never really considered– and for good reason. It can definitely be scary. But it tends to get you in the mindset to chat it up with new people, especially if someone else is doing the same and flying solo for the evening. I can personally attest to this as a tried and true method of making new friends. It’s pretty much how I made 90% of my friends and learned where all the cool spots are upon moving to LA, since Surkus didn’t exist yet. 

10. Actually, do way more things solo

Going to hip bars isn’t the only thing you can do on your own. Attending local events and festivals solo is a great way to find yourself actually speaking words to other human beings. When you don’t have the safety net of having a friend as your +1, you deprive yourself (in a good way) of the chance you’ll end up only talking to that person. For me, the added bonus is being able to fully be myself, since there are no preconceived notions yet. This helps us meet new people who are like-minded and connect on a different level. 

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